Sync Clocks Across Locations and Environments

In modern data infrastructure, it’s both cost-effective and resource-effective to move at least some workflows to the cloud. But from a time synchronization perspective, it’s more complicated because on-prem data centers typically use different time protocols to synchronize clocks than cloud-based environments.

Here’s an example:

Because trading servers require a higher degree of accuracy, they’re often co-located on site with the market exchange and use PTP to attain sub-microsecond accuracy. But that’s expensive, so servers used for back-testing or simulations are hosted in the cloud, which uses NTP to synchronize time. NTP provides millisecond accuracy…and now there’s discrepancies between your on-prem and cloud-based servers.

Clockwork provides all your servers with accurate common time, available to all your applications. This enables better simulations as the timestamps more accurately reflect the real-time trades. As a software solution designed to use your existing setup no matter what combination of on-prem or cloud-based environment you have, it scales with you as your environment grows and changes. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo.

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