A single software solution to meet time-sync compliance requirements

Easily comply with MiFID II and CAT time sync requirements across diverse environments with Clockwork.io’s Clock Sync, a scalable, high-accuracy network clock synchronization system.

Built as a single solution no matter your environment, Clockwork’s clock sync software decouples clocks from network hardware so there’s no need for expensive upgrades, and you can easily scale across size and distance.


  • Accurately distribute UTC time source to 1,000 nodes per reference clock.
  • Achieve nanosecond-level accuracy using NIC hardware timestamps.
  • Gain 100s of ns to a few µs sync accuracy with software timestamp.

Traceability Reporting

  • Demonstrate compliance of timestamp granularity and maximum divergence requirements.
  • Receive custom reports validating proof of compliance.
  • Document system design, functioning, specifications.


  • Scale up to 10s of 1,000s of nodes in one installation.
  • Get built-in redundancy and auto-failover for high network and CPU loads.
  • Run anywhere—from on-prem data centers to public clouds.

Unparalleled visibility and insights

  • Spend less time cleaning and reconciling logs.
  • Monitor and visualize performance of distributed systems with accurate logs and measurements.
  • Identify and analyze network delay changes. 

Runs On All Major Clouds

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