Guarantee your application performance with host-based QoS

Recently, the Clockwork team sponsored both Google Cloud Next ‘24 and Cisco Live in Las Vegas. We had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of people who stopped by our booth to chat about their challenges managing hybrid, multi-cloud networks, and discuss Cloud Deluxe, Clockwork’s congestion control solution. One challenge we heard repeatedly was the need for Quality of Service (QoS) to address performance degradation when primary workloads are disrupted by resource contention from concurrent tasks like backups, observability, and security processes. If this resonates with you, we’d love to learn more in this quick survey. Clockwork’s Bandwidth Slicer addresses […]

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Transform your cloud to Cloud Deluxe™

In the year since made its public debut, we’ve been hard at work leveraging our foundational clock synchronization technology to build and test new solutions for time-sensitive applications. Last year, we introduced Latency Sensei, a new way to sense what’s going on in your cloud network. Now, we’re adding control. (Read the full press release here.) Networks have always been jittery and dropped packets. Prior solutions were implemented at the switch level, requiring access and changes to the infrastructure – which isn’t possible for cloud customers. Today, we’re pleased to unveil Cloud Deluxe™, a suite of software tools that […]

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What Latency Really Means for Business

Network latency’s cost implications for businesses are reflected in how users respond. By thinking about performance from a user-centric perspective, latency’s impact – and the way forward – become much more clear and measurable.

Knowing what latency costs is a helpful way to understand the strategic implications of better synchronization for your business, and whether more can be done to provide a better customer experience across device and network differences.

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