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In the year since made its public debut, we’ve been hard at work leveraging our foundational clock synchronization technology to build and test new solutions for time-sensitive applications. Last year, we introduced Latency Sensei, a new way to sense what’s going on in your cloud network. Now, we’re adding control. (Read the full press release here.)

Networks have always been jittery and dropped packets. Prior solutions were implemented at the switch level, requiring access and changes to the infrastructure – which isn’t possible for cloud customers. Today, we’re pleased to unveil Cloud Deluxe™, a suite of software tools that reduce latency, eliminate almost all packet drops and optimize network performance to lower costs and improve user experience.

Every business is a cloud business – but the cloud has problems

No matter your industry, every company today is now a cloud company – looking for optimal performance at the lowest cost so you can deliver the best customer and user experience. It’s business critical to pinpoint and eliminate latency. 

But the cloud has many problems. For example:

  • Not all VMs perform equally: VMs are non-uniform; some perform below average, chronically
  • Applications run slow: Due to congestion, there is high latency and jitter in the network causing applications to be slow for your customers and users
  • Leaky: The network drops packets, resulting in app-level timeouts

Introducing Cloud Deluxe™

Cloud Deluxe™ addresses several technical challenges that impede performance and drive-up costs for customer-facing applications and AI/ML workloads. These challenges include underperforming virtual machines (VMs), high latency and network jitter, as well as packet drops that can cause application-level delays and timeouts. The software can be deployed in on-premises, cloud, edge or hybrid networks in minutes and across a broad range of computing environments, including bare metal, virtual machines, and containers. Watch the video here.

Key components of Cloud Deluxe™ include:

Packet Rocket: eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks

With Packet Rocket, identify and eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks by dramatically reducing network latency and creating near “zero-drop” networks. Because Clockwork can accurately measure true one-way delay, if one-way delay exceeds a set threshold, that’s an indicator of network congestion. Packet Rocket, our network congestion control solution, monitors and alleviates congestion by intelligently pacing packets to reduce path queuing delays and help application traffic flow smoothly.

Bandwidth Slicer: programmatically allocate bandwidth

As part of Packet Rocket, this unique feature easily creates “programmable bandwidth slices” between VMs, allowing admins to prioritize traffic and ensure critical applications have the bandwidth they need for ever-changing workloads.

VM Colocator: identify and kill underperforming VMs

When workloads run in the cloud, cloud providers assign virtual resources to physical hardware in the data centers. This means that you might have multiple VMs colocated on the same physical host, which can impact network performance. Colo Detector identifies whether two or VMs are sharing a physical server so tenants can spread out their VM fleets and minimize “noisy sibling” VMs.

Do more with less resources

With cloud costs estimated to reach nearly $600 billion in 2023 (source: Gartner), organizations are taking a closer look at cloud spend to optimize and reduce costs. returns control over your infrastructure by providing insights about latency in your deployment, and identifying and fixing problem areas so you get better performance from all your resources, enabling you to do more with less.

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