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Easily Meet MiFID II Time Sync Requirements

Financial services firms in Europe and the United States are subject to clock synchronization regulations under ESMA’s MiFID II and FINRA’s CAT standards, meaning all business clocks used to record the date and time of any reportable event must be synchronized within a specified timestamp granularity (depending on the type of trading). See how Clockwork makes it easy to fulfill compliance requirements.

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Tick Tock… The Clock Runs Wild

It can be easy to forget or take for granted, but the millions of computer servers and billions of connected devices we depend on for so many of our routine activities rely on precise timing and onboard clocks. These onboard clocks have to synchronize with a reference clock over a network in order to help the apps we regularly use to function properly, without hiccups. The need for time synchronization is a decades-old challenge that predates the Internet and has a long history in fields like radio broadcasting and telecommunications. But the advent of distributed computing and networking and a […]

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