Being out of sync is a literal pain!

Feeling groggy? Is your circadian rhythm off? Wouldn’t be surprising since many of us just readjusted our clocks again during our civilization’s dance with daylight. From the beginning we’ve organized our days by watching the sun’s movement and by noting how shadows shortened and lengthened. Early Mediterranean cultures divided daylight into 12 hours, or 12 divisions on the arc of a sundial. The length of the hour there varied according to the season. In the winter, an hour could be as short as 45 minutes. In the summer, it could be as long as 75 minutes. Days lengthening and shortening […]

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Podcast: Is Self-Programming Technology the Future?

One of the early trials of Clockwork’s clock synchronization technology was conducted at Nasdaq, as featured in the New York Times.  In June 2018, co-founder Balaji Prabhakar spoke with Tom Fay, then SVP of Nasdaq’s Enterprise Architecture and System Engineering, about their work together leveraging Stanford-based research on self-driving networks and high precision clock synchronization.

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Accurate One-Way Latency Measurement ≠ RTT/2

As a user, you notice when your application is lagging, and it’s frustrating. As a network engineer, this lag — network latency — is cause for investigation and resolution. Network latency is how long it takes a packet of data to reach its destination. It is typically measured in round-trip time (RTT) from the sender to the receiver and back, and includes additional delays like propagation delay, processing delay, queuing delay, and encoding delay. Plus, network congestion can add a dynamic element. 

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Tick Tock… The Clock Runs Wild

It can be easy to forget or take for granted, but the millions of computer servers and billions of connected devices we depend on for so many of our routine activities rely on precise timing and onboard clocks. These onboard clocks have to synchronize with a reference clock over a network in order to help the apps we regularly use to function properly, without hiccups. The need for time synchronization is a decades-old challenge that predates the Internet and has a long history in fields like radio broadcasting and telecommunications. But the advent of distributed computing and networking and a […]

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